Text files converters

 This program is designed to convert ADIF file from any logging software to a Cabrillo file. It can be used for the all HF contests with one-part exchange reports, e.g. serial numbers, zones etc. SRX (serial received) field must be in source ADIF file, STX (serial sent) can be taken from source file or can be generated by the program. Other field can be used instead of SRX field (e.g. QTH). STATE info can be converted to SRX, too.
"Auto Increase" option is usefull, if serial numbers were sent; use this option very carefully (if there are any "holes" in sent reports) - check exactly output file.
More information about Cabrillo can be found at Cabrillo Page.
CQ WW RTTY Contest is added in version 3.10 (two-parts groups).
PACCdigi Contest is added in version 3.12.
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version: 3.12, date: 2022.03.06, size: 250 kb
 This program is designed to ADIF file filtering. Records can be selected with regard to:
  • QSO Date,
  • Band (multiselection active),
  • Mode (multiselection active),
  • Zones (CQ or ITU),
  • QSL (paper) received/sent,
  • LoTW QSL received/sent,
  • eQSl received/sent,
  • QSL to print (paper/LoTW/eQSL) - for Logger32,
  • QSL print - for TRX-Manager,
  • DXCC Country,
  • Continent,
  • QSL-Manager,
  • Operator.
  • Comment,
  • User defined,
  • Select required fields from record in user definied order,
  • Select unique records from ADIF field,
  • Select records based on data in external file,
  • number of QSOs with one station,
  • filtered QSOs can be saved to text/CSV file and displayed as text.

    Source ADIF file is devided for two files: xxx_filtered.adi with selected records and xxx_unfiltered.adi with all other records from xxx.adi file.
    Some statistics can be generated:
  • QSOs per Band,
  • QSOs per Mode,
  • QSOs per Month,
  • QSOs per Year,
  • QSL Sent/Received (paper/LOTW/eQSL).
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    version: 4.00, date: 2013-08-21, size: 307 kb
     ADIF files to text files converter. It is possible now to convert ADIF files with 100000 QSOs and 100 ADIF fields. It is possible to select ADIF fields to place in text file and order of fields.
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    version: 2.06, date: 2014.06.24, size: 178 kb
     Text files to ADIF files converter. Program doesn't required instalation - unpack zip file to the any folder. Please read help file - work with this program is more complicated then with ADIF2TEXT program.
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    version: 1.06, size: 387 kb
    Log Recoverer
     This program is designed to recovery data from Logger32 log main file (.ISD). If there is not possible to open log with Logger32, you can try to use Log Recoverer to extract QSOs from ISD file. All recovered QSOs are saved in ADIF file.
    Version 1.01 has changed ADIF fields for eQSL and LoTW QSLs.

    Attention: system decimal separator must be set to dot (.) !
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    version: 1.01, size: 189 kb
    LoTW to Logger32 Credits
     Program downloads data from LoTW and saved data in format required by Logger32.
    This program can be used instead of original ARRL scraper.exe program created by Bob Furzer, K4CY.
    LoTW to Logger32 uses a part of code of DXCred program for DXKeeper, created by Alex Shovkoplyas, VE3NEA.
    Source code of LoTW to Logger32 program is available (for v. 1.20).
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    version: 2.00, date: 2013-09-28, size: 740 kb
     ADIF to CheckCall Generator. This program is designed to extract Award's data from Logger32's ADIF file (that are CNTY, USER2 and USER3 fields) to CheckCall source file. After this it is possible to type Award's abbreviation in Call field in entry window and there is an message in CheckCall window about this abbreviation. For example: there is SPPA Award (Polish districts). One of the districts is SIC - Kielce city. If I type "SIC" in Call entry field, I have an info in CheckCall window: "SIC - Confirm.". If there isn't any information - that is mean, that it is a new district for me.

    Use right mouse click on the Awards names (default CNTY, USER2 and USER3) to change Awards names and anywhere on the window to change translation od Worked and Confirmed.
    New data are added to the existing CheckCall's file.
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    version: 1.01, size: 204 kb
     It is not a standard converter - program generates IOTA statistic from ADIF file in Continent division. I wrote it specially for Logger32 and IOTA competition taking place in SPDX Club, but it can be usefull for any other logging software.
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    version: 1.02, size: 192 kb
     Program generates DXCC Record Sheets from ADIF file. All records from ADIF file are placed in the table and used to generate DXCC Record Sheets (directly to printer, to MS Word, to Notepad or to Clipboard). QSO data can be entered manually, too.
    Each record in ADIF file must have DXCC field.
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    version: 2.11, date: 2011.08.17, size: 433 kb
     Program is designed to removing QSO duplicates from the log (ADIF file). The program is comparing ADIF fields: CALL, QSO_DATE, BAND, MODE and TIME_ON - with the possibility of defining the maximum time difference between QSOs or ignore TIME_ON. Correct data (without duplicates) are saved in ADIF file, DUPE QSOs are saved in second file (in the format: first QSO and DUPE QSO). Additionally, DUPE QSOs are saved in the third file with time changed to the time from the first QSO, to use it in Logger32 for QSL status update - if QSOs recognised as DUPE have changed QSL status (synchronization option).
    Due to procedure uses to DUPE searching please be patient - the work of the program can be long :).
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    version: 1.02, date: 2014.06.24, size: 204 kb
     This program converts ADIF file generated by DX4WIN to "more" standard ADIF format.
    DX2ADIF adds frequency field, QSL_VIA field, changes PSK/PSK3 to PSK31 mode, adds NAME and QTH fields (from DX4WIN's CALLSIGN NOTES field). For more, OPERATOR field can be added.
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    version: 1.10, size: 195 kb
     This program is designed to divide one big ADIF file to many 'shorter' ADIF files, e.g. to send it to LoTW. It is possible to set number of QSOs to place in each new ADIF file
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    version: 1.00, size: 192 kb
     SM6SRW wrote WriteLog contest modul for SPDX Contest, but WriteLog enables you to save SPDX Contest's log as ASC file only. My software converts ASC log file from WL to Cabrillo file required by SPDX Contest Committee. This version take into consideration 2004 SPDX Contest Rules changes.
    More informations about Contest - look for the 2004 SPDX Contest Rules on the Official SPDX Contest Page.
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    version: 4.01, size: 286 kb
     Program converts ADIF files from WriteLog to ADIF files for DX4WIN.
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    version: 2.12, size: 186 kb
     EDI files converter (EDI is a standard used in UHF/VHF Contests, like Cabrillo for HF). EDI files are converted to ADIF files designed for DX4WIN.
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    version: 1.20, size: 185 kb
     This program modifies ADIF file generated by MixW to ADIF file designed for DX4WIN. After modification frequency is placed in "Comment for this QSO" field in DX4WIN. Text from "Comment for all QSOs" box is added to this field, too. NAME and QTH fields are placed in NOTES FOR THIS CALL field.
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    version: 2.00, size: 187 kb
     Like MIX2DX4WIN, but for MMTTY.
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    version: 1.00, size: 184 kb