QSL Printing Tools:

 This program is designed to print QSL Cards using Mail Merge Tool in MS Word from ADIF file. Some basic filtering options are added. There are help file and some Main documents examples in zip file, too.
If you decide for use ADIF2QSL software as QSL printing utility in Logger32, it is very useful to add ADIF2QSL to Logger32 Utilities menu (Tools->Utility program setup). Next (if you always save QSL file with the same name) only two mouse clicks are required to print QSL labels (ADIF2QSL remember last used options and file names).
New in version 3.00:
  • different configurations by using profiles,
  • labels/QSL's printing for SWL reports, using Logger32 SWL_dump_file.adi
  • filtering ADIF file by CALL field,
  • selectable ADIF fields.
 Download file
version: 3.00, date: 2011-12-26, size: 743 kb